Location is No Obstacle

Great Lakes Plumbing strives to keep folks’ plumbing, heating, and cooling working well at affordable prices no matter where they are. As such, we’re proud to service both commercial and residential locations with equal levels of quality workmanship, affordability, and professional integrity. We don’t shy away from any job, big or small.

Guaranteed Satisfaction at Work

If your business or other commercial property has systems that are in need of installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance, we offer whatever service options to fit those needs. Business owners can be confident in their choice when they call Great Lakes because of our level of professionalism:

  • No “blackout dates”
  • Friendly, polite, and on-time service
  • Maintenance options

Guaranteed Satisfaction at Home

Or, if your home plumbing or other systems need any work, we can help you there too. From simple faucet leaks to new installations, Great Lakes Plumbing offers homeowners:

  • Affordability without the loss of quality
  • Jobs done on time, every time – so you can get on with your life
  • Expert knowledge of plumbing, heating, and cooling fixtures both new and old

Of course, we guarantee our customers’ satisfaction for all commercial and residential work. Next time you need plumbing work done, whether for home or business, see why our master plumbers are proud to offer such versatile service!