Consider Radiant Heating

Chances are that most heating systems you’ve seen rely on traditional, convection based methods of heat distribution. These traditional methods can work well to heat your home and keep you comfortable, but another option to consider is radiant heating.

Have Great Lakes Plumbing Warm Your Home

If radiant heating sounds interesting or worthwhile as a heating system for your home, please feel free to contact us about installation. The folks here at Great Lakes Plumbing are pros at all sorts of heating and cooling, and radiant heating is no exception! We’ll be able to provide you a price before any work is done. After that, we’ll ensure an efficient installation process – so you can enjoy a whole new way to stay nice and warm!

Increase Your Comfort

With radiant heating, the heating elements are installed directly in the floor/walls/ceiling. As opposed to convection based, forced air heating found in most homes, radiant heating is:

  • A more even and direct distribution method
  • Less allergenic, moving less air around a given space
  • Potentially more energy efficient, which can save energy costs

If you use a radiant heating system, you may find that you will warm more quickly and reliably because of how the heat is distributed.