Keep Your Pipes Healthy

Great Lakes Plumbing does a lot of good work on heating systems like furnaces and boilers. Everyone wants to stay comfortable during those nasty Michigan winters, of course. But as much as you might need to stay warm, are you making sure that your pipes do, too?

If you’ve ever dealt with them, you know that frozen pipes can be a disaster. As the water freezes in your pipes, it will expand – and no matter how strong the material is, expanding ice runs the risk of rupturing the pipe. A burst pipe can then cause all sorts of water damage and incur high costs.

Use an Early Warming System

We can help you avoid the worst of the problems by…

  • Locating problem areas where pipes are frozen or damaged
  • Thawing any frozen pipes before serious ruptures occur
  • Repairing damage that may have already been caused by frozen water expansion

Don't Let Winter Damage Your Pipes!

Next time winter weather rears its ugly head and threatens to deal serious damage to your plumbing and your house, call Great Lakes Plumbing for our pipe repair and thawing services.

Don’t wait to contact us when it gets cold out! Great Lakes Plumbing will keep everything flowing smoothly even when the dead of winter threatens to have it grind to a halt.