Dont Let Issues Build Up

Is your drain not getting rid of water and liquid like it used to? A clogged drain is a very common plumbing issue to have, and also one of the least wanted. Besides being unseemly and messy, a drain that lets fluid build up and stagnate can cause some major sanitation/health issues. All drains develop such issues over time, and so all of them eventually require attention to prevent serious problems.

Have Us Unclog Your Drains

You’ve probably seen a hundred and one different drain cleaning products on the market that sell themselves as a quick and easy solution to drain congestion. But what happens when they don’t necessarily work so well? We recommend a good plumber! That’s where Great Lakes Plumbing comes in, offering our sewer and drain cleaning services to get your drains back into pristine condition. We’re happy to come take a look at

  • Sink drains
  • Shower and tub drains
  • And more!

We Offer Affordable Rates

Let our professional experience and efficiency set itself apart. Our sewer and drain cleaning has no substitutes! Thankfully, we can still offer affordable rates that we’ll make sure you know up front. When you choose Great Lakes Plumbing you won’t have to feel like your wallet is getting cleaned out at the same time as your drains!